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Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

I scared you, didn’t I???

Updates for BOTH stories to be up during the weekend, but I wanted to remind everyone about the Halloween writing contest. Just 8 days left to submit and I’m looking forward to being too scared to get a drink of water in the middle of the night! Please share this post to help spread the word and for those of you who have already submitted, go ahead and use the banner below to tease your readers – it’s fun, trust me 😉

Happy haunting!

Writing contest participation banner

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Dream Team Writers Chosen

Dream Team Writers Chosen

Wow!!!! I’m blown away that I was listed with these amazing authors and fantastic betas!!!! Just WOW!!!

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So freaking excited!!!!

So I just want to say Hi to all my awesome people out there who may be reading this! I am so freaking excited, if you couldn’t tell by my post, I entered a one shot writing challenge that was hosted by the awesomesauce Kittyinaz!! We were given a song to inspire us, and we were to use any of the characters from her stories.


I had a basic story idea that came to me, and then without my consent, my muse woke me up from a sound sleep and made me write! So there I was writing a one shot involving my fave Rics with a demanding muse. I finished it up, and boy was it ugly, luckily I have some truly amazing friends who made it look pretty and be grammatically accurate. I seriously couldn’t have done this without my wifey, MissRon80, and my dear friend Bertie Bott!!! Thank you both sooooo much!! So I turned it in and sat there nervously for ten days while the voting took place and was shocked to learn that my little story won first place in this months competition!!! Part of me still can’t believe it and is still fangirl SQUEEEEEEEING over the fact that my story was read let alone that I won!!! So crazy big thanks to everyone who voted for me and all the other fantastic stories that were entered!!! So without further ado, I give you One Night in Bon Temps!! I hope you all enjoy it!!!







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FFF – a summary

This is seriously too funny!! Love it!!!!


You know, I never really know what to say in these posty notificationy things.  “I wrote something!  Come read it if you wanna!” just seems kinda sad but that’s really what this is.

I wrote a summary of the Fan Fiction Fuckerys that peeve me off as a rant / headdesk / please improve kinda thing.  Read it if you wish.  Review if you can.  That’s about it really.

Thank you to those of you who have Followed me.  I feel a tad spesh and stuff and is nice to know people find my little amusements enjoyable.  Clicky on the piccy for the post and thanks again!


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FFF mark 2

Hello my lovelies!!!! This was written by my crazy amazing wifey Sharon, and I consider those who follow my crazy rankings to be pretty wise, but on the off chance that you may have missed this, or for some odd reason aren’t following her, I am in this awful run on sentence giving you all a chance to remedy that!!! *gasps for air* So in spite of my murdering of the English language, everyone should go check this out!!! It’s freaking brilliant!!!!!!!!


Hello all!  This total boredom at work thing is currently working out great for me as I’m getting to write, something I have not done in a very long time!  The kinks are almost worked out of my brain and once that happens I’ll finally feel like a full functional human being again….something I haven’t felt like all year and feel great guilt about when it comes to my beta duties.

This next little story is the second instalment in my Fixing Fan-fiction Fuckery.  I am not 100% sure how many of these I’ll end up writing but there are around six topics I had rattling around in my brain and this one accidentally covered two of them because it just seemed logical to do these two at the same time.  Please, if you are reading these and possibly see yourself in any of the scenarios I complain about, I do…

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This is written by my wifey and it’s just so brilliant!!! She’s awesome and everyone should follow her!!!


Wowsers…… either I’m really really really bored or I suddenly got talented.  I’m going with bored personally.

Anyway, this is a little something I whipped up a couple weeks ago for my wifey.  More inside, nothing else to say, here it is……




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So I got bored at work………….

This is seriously too funny to miss!!!! She’s one of the best people I know, and like she said, we haven’t even met face to face!! But I love her and so will you, so everyone check her out, she’s freaking hilarious!!!!!


Hello all!  I had zero intention of posting anything for ages but I got very very VERY bored at work and this kind of popped out.  Crazy!  Won’t say much else except here’s a link and enjoy!



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