One Night In Bon Temps


Merlotte’s, as usual, is packed with the taps flowing and the big game on. Jane Bodehouse is holding down her standard spot at the bar while becoming steadily more drunk; her inhibitions slowly flying out the window. A very worn out Sheriff Dearborne and Dectective Andy Bellefleur sit down at the last available booth, giving their orders to Lafayette on the way to their seats. Lafayette wants to protest that this isn’t a walk up window where you place your order, but he knows it’s pointless to argue. Jason Stackhouse and Hoyt Fortenberry sit with the rest of the road crew enjoying a few rounds, relaxing after the long hours in the hot Louisiana sun. All the while, two ancient vampires sit occupying a booth, unable to tear their eyes from a petite blonde waitress darting between tables.

The vampires and this particular waitress, however, are anything but typical. In fact, unbeknownst to the average patrons of the establishment, they are a rare mated trio the likes of which the world has yet to see.

Godric and Eric sit in their favorite booth which is conveniently located in Sookie’s section. Neither like that their young mate feels the need to work, let alone for the shifter Sam Merlotte who has harbored unrequited desires for their Sookie for years. However, like nearly everything pertaining to her – her safety being the obvious exception – they seemed incapable of denying her.

So there they sat nearly every single Friday because the thought of not being near her was unbearable, the pain made worse by the fact that neither was capable of claiming her publicly as their own at the current time.

With every lap Sookie makes around the restaurant, the patrons become increasingly worse. Eyes linger on her generous curves, tongues loosened and advances are consistently made. The alcohol consumption causes many a man to nearly lose his life, or at the very least his hand, each time they interact with her. Eric is a fan of his little mate’s body – Gods knew well how he’d spent many a night worshiping her from sun down to sun up – but she was his to worship, not theirs!

“Godric, don’t you think there is something less revealing than those tiny shorts that Sookie could be wearing? As her future maker, you might want to mention this to the shifter,” Eric growls out as yet another hand attempts to brush over her ass.

Godric, who seemed perpetually calm in nearly every situation, just chuckles at his childe and mate’s predictable reaction to the situation. “Now Eric, you know that I enjoy the fruits of Sookie’s annoyance in the event of our stopping by Merlotte’s to surprise her, but we must avoid unduly upsetting her. She tends to become angry with our meddling and currently appears too busy for such distractions. We must not slow her down or we risk her ire over more than our aversion to her uniform.”

True, Eric does know this as there had been multiple ‘talks,’ as Sookie defines them, regarding him becoming overly possessive while she was working, which more often than not resulted in the lowering amount of her evening tips.

“Fine,” he says grudgingly. “But I swear the next guy who tries to touch what’s mine-”

“Ours,” Godric interrupts.

“I mean ours, is losing the offending limb!” Eric declares.

“Relax, my childe. You must remember that there is no competition here. We have already championed her. These men can only look upon her and want what we have,” Godric reminds Eric for the second, or maybe third, time that night.

Though Eric is only partially listening to what his maker is saying as he is too busy watching another drunk coming on to their Sookie.

He is barely aware of the growl emanating from his chest yet Sookie hears the sound quite clearly over the noise in the bar and she responds with an other half-hearted scowl to their booth. She is well aware that being the mate of two ancient and powerful vampires meant that some possessive growling came with the territory and if she is being honest with herself, she had to admit it kind of turned her on.

She also knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that if she was to stop using her telepathy at work, even just for a moment, then the drunk male residents of the backwater town she resided in would be limping out of the bar or, far more likely, it’d be worse than a simple limp. The metaphorical short leash she supposedly kept her mates on while in public would likely snap if any of these men were to actually touch her, no matter how brief the contact.

Knowing this, she once again ‘hears’ the thoughts of the man she’s talking to just in time to move away at the last second, avoiding the unwanted contact of his hand upon her.

A few tables over, this near miss doesn’t go unnoticed. Eric is now openly seething at the nerve of the drunken hick who tried to touch his Sookie. Looking away from her for the briefest of minutes, he notices his beloved maker and mate who was always so unflappable appearing almost shaken. He can’t stop the quiet chuckle that comes forth at the sight.

“What’s wrong Godric? You suddenly seem a bit tense. Is everything alright?” he jokes, knowing this is indeed a rare occurrence.

Having to control his beast for the first time that evening, Godric can’t help but notice that the last schurke (scoundrel) nearly touched his mate; his skin had almost touched hers. He is well aware that had his Sookie not moved when she had, it would have ended in a contest between him and Eric to see who could remove the culprit’s hand, as well as the limb attached to it, first.

In a race between himself and Eric, he has the upper-hand where sheer speed is concerned since he is much older. However, when it comes to their Sookie, Eric has this ability to be at her side with more than just supernatural speed, almost like magic. It made it a fun contest to see who could reach her first and one never wanted to be the schurke (scoundrel) facing the winner, no matter who it ended up being as they were both equally matched in their tempers. If only his Sookie would let them have some fun with the townspeople…

He is fully aware that his kind must remain hidden for a few years more until the Authority conducts the Big Reveal. He finds himself musing over the certainty that soon he will be able to claim his love, both of them, as his own. He can hardly wait. He appreciates how spectacular their Sookie will be as both his childe and as their mate.

Eric can’t help the curiosity he is feeling. Based on the roller-coaster of emotions that Godric is taking him on through their bond, his normally composed maker is feeling anything but. As Eric repeats his jest, he is quite surprised by the unusual situation they are in. He, too, is brought back to a recent conversation with their nest.

They all know and acknowledge that Godric, as head of the bloodline, is also head of the nest. He does hesitantly admit, though, his agreement with what Adele had said to Jason several times to explain the unique dynamic of their relationship to him. While Godric and Eric may be strong and ancient vampires, they are totally overpowered by the tiny blonde telepath. He reluctantly accepts that with a single look or word she can bring the two feared vampires to their knees; she is the one wearing the pants in their relationship, though said pants are ones that both he and Godric paid for.

Sookie has just finished checking all of her tables; well, all save the one with her mates. Deciding that she is ready for a break, she heads to the bar to refresh the drinks her vampires are pretending to consume. On her way to their usual booth, she spares them a look and notices that both seem to be lost in their own minds. She giggles at this while she heads toward her loves. Seeing them staring as if at nothing, she momentarily drops her guard for just a second, but that is all it takes.

Mike Spencer, seeing both of Sookie’s hands full, makes a swipe at her ass. When she doesn’t move away, he drunkenly mistakes this as an invitation to grab and squeeze her backside. What he doesn’t notice is the two completely incensed vampires who are now snarling a few tables over.

Sookie immediately turns to Mike Spencer and reflexively pours both drinks on top of his head. She quickly goes to her irate mates, all the while grumbling about stupid, careless humans pushing possessive vampires over the edge.

Catching the eyes of both her mates she begs them through the bond to stay in the booth and not cause a scene, already knowing it was too late.

“Gott verdammt! Versuchen Sie, und berühren, was mein ist! Sie Schuft bezahlen!” (God dammit! Try and touch what is mine! You will pay scoundrel!)

Godric stands just outside the booth, seething and fully prepared to rend and destroy. His extraordinary control is all but a memory; he is seeing red and feeling the need to protect his fragile mostly human mate. He sees his Sookie pleading with her eyes to keep it together and reluctantly contains his most basic instincts, unable to deny his Sookie what she needs.

Across from him stands his crazed Viking childe nearing a berserker rage.

“Du har inte bara jävla röra henne! Hon är MIN! Jag kommer att döda dig var du står din jävla skit!” (You did not just fucking touch her! She is MINE! I will kill you where you stand you fucking piece of trash!) Eric roared.

Rationality gone, all he can do is imagine scenario after scenario of ways to get between his tiny mortal love and the vile creature who dared touch what is HIS. Seeing his beloved beseeching him to calm down has the same feeling of a bucket of cold water being dumped over him.

His hands are instinctively reaching for her, needing her close. The genuine scowl gracing her lovely face has him stopping short.

Upon arriving at the booth, Sookie knows she needs to nip this in the bud. She can’t have her mates making a scene every time an incident occurs. She looks at both of her vampires with the most serious expression she can muster, knowing that, until now, no amount of talking has ever worked to tame her Eric’s possessive side. She has zero desire to change him, being madly in love with who he is and knowing he is naturally perfect for her. Really, she just wants the constant MINE crap to end, at least in public while at her job.

Sookie looks to her Godric, her level-headed confident mate and can’t help but break her sober demeanor a bit. “Not you too! Seriously you guys!” she half-heartedly exclaims.

Seeing the cheeky smiles on both her mates she replies, “Alright, it’s time for all the insufferably cocky vampires to go home.”

With a wink at both of them, she turns to leave before either can respond with a witty double entendre about being cocky.

Standing to leave, both vampires place a generous tip on the table and begin to exit the building. They are in good spirits as they were able to see their Sookie, which was always a joy, while being entertained as best they can as she works.

“Well Godric, another enjoyable night at Merlotte’s. She was almost able to keep up the appearance that she was actually angry. Oh well, there’s always next week.”

“Too true, my son. Come to think of it, I believe our Sookie is working both Friday and Saturday next week. I can’t wait. I don’t know about you, but I have come to love our nights in Bon Temps.”

“As do I! It’s always worth the price of admission. Now let’s get home like our little Sookie said.”

With that both vampires flew off into the night.



16 responses to “One Night In Bon Temps

  1. meridiean

    April 14, 2014 at 6:15 am

    I adore this story! Eric and Godric are exactly in the right voice, and I love how well they get along together! Great job!!

    • missrissa81

      April 14, 2014 at 6:18 am

      Thanks, I had some awesome sounding boards and of course awesome characters to play with! They are what makes ITE work!!

      • meridiean

        April 14, 2014 at 6:19 am

        Well you captured their voices just right, and that’s so hard to do when it’s from someone else’s story. And…ya know…I’d love to hear YOUR OWN version of them, too…from…like…YOUR OWN STORY… 😀

      • missrissa81

        April 14, 2014 at 6:28 am

        *hides my muse from you* I know how you are!!! It seriously means so freaking much to me that you liked it, as I am always waiting for updates on all my Godric Pitney and Andre Love!!! So to have both you and Wendy like it makes me SQUEE!!

      • meridiean

        April 14, 2014 at 6:36 am


        Thanks gorgeous!

  2. duckbutt60

    April 14, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Great one-shot. I’m so missing updates to Wendy’s story —this is a great respite! Pat

    • missrissa81

      April 14, 2014 at 7:30 pm

      Thank you, I was paid the biggest compliment in that someone told me that this could’ve been a scene right out of ITE, which made me so excited, seeing as that’s what I was aiming for!!! She told me that it read like Wendy, and I may have fangirled right then and there…who am I kidding I scared the cat with the SQUEEE that followed!! So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. valady1

    April 14, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    Congratulations on coming in 1st place.. and I totally agree with the others here, this could so easily be a an outtake from ITE…

  4. 4padfoot

    April 14, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    Alrighty…One Night in Bon Temps….humm lets see where this goes. *”Wait I am wanting to read this one too!” Jason called from the other room and rushes in to sit on the couch. “I’ll read it out loud.” Gotta love the bar regulars. Bodehouse, Dearborne, Bellefleur… Who else is gonna show up. Jason, and Hoyt…ancient…vampires….Wait how the heck did you just sneak that sentence in there. Rare mated trio *”Stop Jason…give me the ipad I don’t know where she is going! Cover your eyes.”* EWEWEWEW please please keep it unrequited…*shivers* NO claim as of yet why they heck not….I must have answers. Snort of course Eric is a fan of her body…it’s ERIC. LOL I can’t believe Eric is trying to get Godric to get her to change her clothes that it rich. Godric is the perpetually calm yoda master…i see him snapping. Multiple ‘talks’ where are they I would love to read them. *Jason get Wendy on the messenger…I think we can get approval for this writer to do a whole section called Eric Talks. “Sweetie…are you sure?” “Yep…little outtakes where people get to see little blurbs from sections in a story that didn’t get expanded on but could. Go update Wendy see if we can sneak it in after the contest!!” Back to reading* Touch her Godric see if Eric means it….it will grow back. Reminds Eric for the millionth time I don’t think it will do any good Godric. Kind of turns you on…please we know what that sound does to you…COLD CHILLS that is what it is called. Really good ones! Run Drunk man RUN are you an imbecile (I don’t know how to spell it) I knew it….Godric is going to snap!!!! *Starts munching on the popcorn “this is gonna be good” It is always the quiet ones you have to watch out for the most!” I wanna see a game of hide and seek played between these three. Wait is the claim known in the vampire world at least? OH what I wouldn’t do to be that tiny blonde … *”HEY I HEARD THAT!” Jason yelled. “Sorry Honey! But it’s Eric and Godric. It could only be better if you were there.” Cheesy!* They paid for them and I am sure take them very often. MIKE! *SNAP* Are you loco? *Yep that was Godric’s control and leash snapping!* *Jason start making the headstone now. Here lies a blooming idjit!* A Gaul and a Viking went Berserker on him and there was only a hand left as a warning to others. Don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you! No no changing of Eric are you nuts…He is perfect just the way he is. of course Godric too…where do you think Eric learned everything…or at least most things. Bud nipping this could get interesting. NO NO NONONONONONO *Tosses Ipad at couch, glares at it “THAT can’t be all. I mean….Jason….make it better.” she looks at him and he has a deer in the headlight look “But sweetie it is a one shot contest.” he tries to explain. “NOPE I want a second helping!! Make it a two shot deal!” he looks back at the ipad and glares then looks back to where Robin just left. “I am really starting to get scared here.”

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Jason loved it.. .I love it. WE win…I will be speaking with Wendy about my new ideas!!

    • missrissa81

      April 14, 2014 at 11:22 pm

      This has just made my day Robin, and Jason too!!!

  5. hnoble73

    April 15, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Will these be expanded to a multi-chapter fic at a later date? I’m hungry for good quality S/E/G fic.

    Oh, and congrats on your win! 🙂


    • missrissa81

      April 15, 2014 at 1:19 am

      Well it was taken from the best E/S/G out there IMO at least!! If you haven’t read In The End by The amazing Kittyinaz, then you really must!!!!!

      • hnoble73

        April 15, 2014 at 3:12 am

        Yes, i think i read that recently. That’s the fic where, Godric, is Hades son, right? It hasn’t updated in a while though, unfortunately. I keep my fingers crossed that the author will find some inspiration to complete it.

      • missrissa81

        April 15, 2014 at 3:15 am

        Yes that’s the one!!! It was her competition using her characters!! Oh not to worry about that, as her beta, I can tell you she hasn’t lost inspiration for that story, she just happens to have 14 other active stories right now, and she’s trying to finish one and then edit another. Have no fear though, it will be completed!!!

  6. theladykt

    April 25, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    oooh I would love to see this expanded


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